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Quik-E Food Store

6015 Fort Avenue
Lynchburg, VA 24502
(434) 237-4957
Store #05

Services: Convenience Store and Gas Station


When you want to find the nearest gas station and convenience store in Lynchburg, VA our Quik-E Food Store located on 6015 Fort Avenue is a fast and easy place to shop for everyday items. We believe in providing our customers friendly and fast service at our food stores and gas stations, with an emphasis on the selection of products, ease, and excellence.

At this location, we offer a wide range of products and service including gas, groceries, snack food, wine, beer, soft drinks, tobacco products, toiletries, candy, and much more. Visit our Lynchburg store on Fort Avenue today for a swift and convenient shopping experience.

Find the Nearest Quik-E Gas Station and Food Store

Our Quik-E nearest gas stations in Lynchburg, VA are easy to find and offer Marathon Gas. Marathon Gas is certified Top Tier™ which has a higher level of STP® detergent additive for improved cleaning ability. Do you need to fuel up for a road trip or to get yourself around town? Swing by and see us at Quik-E for top quality gasoline.

When it’s time for a quick pit stop, just ask your smart phone to take you to the nearest gas station and Quik-e store.

Hungry? Quik-e Food Stores have a wide array of cookies, chips, nuts, ice cream, and other delicious snack foods to satisfy your hunger.

Pop in for a scrumptious cup of hot coffee in the morning or whenever the need strikes you. We also offer cold sports drinks, juice, energy drinks, soft drinks, beer, wine, water and more. Need some ice for the cooler? We have that too.

Love trying your luck with the variety of Virginia Lottery games? We have those too at all our locations.

We believe you will enjoy our products and services when it’s time to find the nearest gas station and food stores in Lynchburg, VA. And we love offering them to you! If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at 

(434) 237-4657 or visit us at the store

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