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Quik-E Food Stores was founded in Lynchburg, Virginia in 1973, by Wilton Burgess.  Mr. Burgess is a native of South Boston, Virginia and started his career in the grocery business as a clerk at Big Star Foods, located in the Pittman Plaza Shopping Center.  After 20 years of service with them, he felt it was time to venture out on his own and start his business.  Mr. Burgess started out with one small location and now after 43 years of serving the community his business now includes 13 convenience stores, 6 car washes, and 1 laundromat, and most recently, the family started a craft beer pub callled The Filling Station.  Mr. Burgess is the CEO of Witco Incorporated.  Following in his footsteps are his 3 sons.  Daryl Burgess is the president of the company, while Todd and Dean are vice presidents.  Wilton’s wife Kitty, who has been a strong presence of wisdom and support, continues to oversee many of the company’s daily operations.  The Burgess family values hard work and dedication, but above all they value the success of their employees.

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